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DLR Contest Winners Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 6:40 PM

Hey all,

While I take a break from all of this yucky studying, I thought I would do a quick feature for the winners of DLR's Create Your Own DLR Feature. So without further ado, here we go!

a father's mistakei am the greatest mistake of your life 
but i am yet to meet you. 
i have not looked into wine-sodden eyes 
and said yes, this is my father
and ruined the rapport you had going
with that quiet blonde in the
corner booth.
have not peered
through half shuttered blinds 
and thought yes, this is my other home 
and trespassed on the goodwill
of the woman you made your wife
instead of my mother. 
have not knelt
beside your sons and daughters as they
etched the world into the pavement 
with bright, powdered colours. 
i am your daughter but i am no home wrecker,
no quiet lion waiting to roar and lay claim
to a pride that is not mine, has never been mine. 
i am yours, but only my blood can
tell you that and i am not likely to bleed for you. 
my place is not here in this concrete jungle, 
beside you 
and yours 
and theirs. 
i am a child of paper and ink, 
and if you s
  freedom is smothered before it is birthedi am a canopic jar for organs
placed within me without my consent 
during a stay within a womb i did not choose.
  personal (dis)illusionfingerprints kiss slowly,
mine on mine;
the world stands still in my wake.

introverted-ghost's writings will reach deep within you and draw out emotions. Her words never cease to amaze me, and with the wide variety in her gallery, there is something for everyone.

Love is Love by MadHat11D6  The Glasses by MadHat11D6  ChristopherI never knew what  l o v e  was
   How to love
             Why to love -
I never knew and I never cared.
I had but  o n e  r u l e  to live by
And that was:
Do not become attached.
Not to a person or an idea
Do not become  a t t a c h e d
    Because it’s easier that way.
When I saw him
The first thing I noticed was the fact
That he was about two years old.
And he was looking at me
And I was looking at him
And I thought we had an  u n d e r s t a n d i n g.
But it seemed he had taken my apprehension
As invitation, as he took my hand
And simply insisted I take him to the ball pit.
An hour later and I had already decided to
Adopt him.
I had   one   job!
I become  a t t a c h e d  to things
Like white
   On anything it doesn’t already have.
If I hate you
I hate you.
If I love

MadHat11D6's writings and photography are very thought provoking.


Signs and Symbols& came rushing in.
“I’m so happy & excited & ecstatic &, &, &…”
“Yes, OK—don’t get yourself in a twist,” said [. “What’s going on?”
“My friend’s got us tickets to @’s concert tonight! @!” & gazed off into the distance. “He’s so dreamy…”
[ snorted. “He’s ancient. He hasn’t always been an email megastar—I can still remember him from when he was pricing petunias.”
“Oh, yeah.” & sighed and smiled. “I love his early typewriter stuff too: ‘Pansies @ 50p for 10. Ask to see a catalogue for further details…’”
“You really have got it bad,” said [.
& looked at the bracket. “You’re so square. What are you into then?”
*! Now that’s a real star.”
& seemed unimpressed. “&..?”
“And #.” [ looked at &. “I’m not completely
  His Better HalfBride/Groom
  Youth and Age               In the 
Inside:      mirror:
  18           81     

Such creativity is present in SCFrankles gallery!


Absenceas fingers on ivory and ebony
a waltz between alto and soprano; 
drum and violin
as a war widow in a graveyard
lacking her husband's shredded corpse:
    though he is a foreign country
    and half a century from her grasp,
    she visits because tombstones
    are a melody she can follow.
as a poet
misses the page, 
a dancer the stage.
as an alcoholic
misses the first sip, 
a lover the first lips 
ever she tasted.
I miss you the way a heart beats -
relentlessly -
until the end of my days.
  Mineral Accidentdoesn't matter anymore. Every explanation
is the truth. We were a stone rolling downhill
shedding its moss to learn the eerie glow
of morning light, exploring the porous reflections
its jagged edges offer. We were a collision
of minerals that accidentally formed one
solid, perfect moment - one part inertia
and one part momentum dueling
until stardust erupted from their centers. 
We were the bluebells of summer, drooping
toward a musky earth, hoping that her moist,
soft landing would save us from our extremities;
she left us wanting, and that was a beginning.
You are the constant which cannot be changed:
the speed of light, the weight of gravity, the rhythm
of the moon pulling the earth's water to him.
And though some of the chasms you've crossed
should cause fear, I do not.  You are the mysteries
of reality, the wonder of a child learning how to walk
the bird of winter which shivers
as it tucks its feathers tight around a body
awaiting the first sprin
  Murica by LiliWrites

LiliWrites has such a diverse gallery. It is well worth a look!

That's it for today, folks. I hope everyone is doing well! :heart: Please remember to congratulate and love on the winners of the contest. :)


Daily Lit. Recognition Submission Guidelines

Well, I'm slacking again. XD 

2 deviants said Love you guys!
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No deviants said So please bear with me. :heart:
No deviants said How are you all doing?


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